Quotes and Rates


To request a free, no-obligation quote, please send me a copy of your documents stating the type of service requested. If you are not sure what service best meets your needs or have any queries regarding the translation process, please use any of the means of contact available.


Translations are usually charged by the number of words in the original document. Rates vary depending on the subject area and the particular needs of each job. When the original document is a low-quality scanned file or a handwritten text, a rate per page will be charged.

Proof-reading services are charged by the hour.

The minimum rate is EUR 40.

For jobs involving a workload of over 2,500 words per day or a 24 h turnaround —or 48 h turnaround on weekends or bank holidays— a 30 % rush fee will be charged.

An extra 20 % fee will be charged for every additional copy.